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VaprThrm insulated vapor barrier socks are a preferred choice among explorers, mountaineers as well as backcountry skiers, backpackers, motorcyclists, snowmobilers, hunters, fishermen and other cold-weather enthusiasts who demand warm feet and frostbite prevention.

Feet get so cold because they sweat from active exertion then freeze when you slow down. The result is often excruciatingly painful frozen toes. With VaprThrm®, your sweat cannot get through the sock to jeopardize your insulation or your feet. While the seams are not sealed, these advanced vapor barrier socks will keep most of the moisture next to your skin and out of your boots. The dry insulation then works efficiently to keep your feet “toasty”.

We are an internet company.   Since there are many shoe-sizing methods around the globe, please trace and measure your foot, then compare to our sizing chart prior to ordering socks. 

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VaprThrm® - Hi-Rise Insulated Socks

Price: $42.00

A full 4" higher than the IBL. The HiRise is our calf length, lower profile version of our original VaprThrm® Insulated Sock. The warmest socks for backcountry skiing, snowboarding and pack boots.

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