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I have Raynauds...for the first time I found mittens that kept my hands warm

Donna IkenberryDear Nancy,

I have been meaning to write to tell you how wonderful your vapor barrier mittens worked out for me during my recent climb on Mount Rainier. My husband and I summitted in mid-June. I also used the mittens in late May on Mount Shasta, a northern California 14er, and the mittens were a real treat.

As I mentioned previously, I have Raynaud's Syndrome, the result of a heart problem, and I have never had good luck keeping my hands warm. In past years I have worn up to three pairs of gloves at one time, and inside my liners I usually sported chemical heaters, such as those made by Grabber. Still, I was always cold. Over the years I have purchased many gloves and mittens, always searching for something that worked, something that actually kept my hands warm. I never found it until I found your vapor barrier mittens.

For the first time I was able to wear mittens that kept my hands warm. I still wore a pair of light glove liners, mainly to keep my hands warm when I had to take off the mittens to adjust gear or eat or whatever. The liners also kept my hands a bit drier. I tend to perspire a lot so the liners seemed to help. The one amazing thing about the mittens was that I could use my hands to tie my boots, put on my crampons, things that always result in very cold hands, and while in the past I couldn't warm up my hands once they were cold, this time I'd have cold fingers that would actually warm up after wearing the vapor barrier gloves for a short time. Sometimes I'd have to take the mittens off just to cool off my hands. The mittens are simply a miracle to me.

We were on Mount Rainier for five days and while we experienced warmer than normal weather, we also reached the summit in a lenticular cloud. The lenticular bombarded us with below zero temperatures and raging winds. I always suffer at high altitude, having a hard time breathing due to my heart condition. I did have to use chemical heaters for the hour we were on top of the mountain, but I don't think it was the mittens that failed me....my condition just makes matters worse. Still, my hands stayed warmer while the rest of my body was shivering from the cold. I can't wait to use the mittens this coming winter....ski season is just around the corner.

Thanks again for your wonderful vapor barrier mittens.

Best wishes,
Donna Ikenberry
South Fork, CO