There is a growing amount of data to support the health benefits of grounding. In a nutshell, all living things are electrical in nature and benefit from the flow of electrons from the Earth's healing energy. However, in today's modern world synthetic materials separate us from the healing benefit of Earth's natural current.  

Grounding helps the body to recover from injury and stress. Injured Tour de France athletes used grounding devices to heal their wounds to quickly get back in the race.    

The fabric we use is unlike most others in that it is silver plated nylon ripstop, not silver threads woven or knit into cotton. This results in a fabric that is a highly efficient conductor. The silver fabric also provides high reflectivity in the infrared range which adds comfortable warmth.   

  • Silver ripstop fabric
  • Removable snap connection to aluminum tent stake. Keeps you connected when camping!  
  • USA made - fabric and product
  • Customization available 
  • Standard Dimensions: 36" x 80" 
  • Includes Silver bag, snap connection, 8' copper cord riveted to aluminum tent stake. Simply snap the cord to the bag, then insert the stake to ground.
  • Imperative that some skin surface is in contact with the fabric. Feet are the most conductive. 

RBH Designs is working on a novel range of grounding products to help you stay connected. Our CampGrounded bag is the first.  More will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.

For those who wish to further research into the subject of the health benefits of grounding we have compiled a list of papers: 

Grounding Research Folder 

Earthing - Clint Ober 

The Body Electric - Robert Becker 

Cross Currents - Robert Becker 



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