Debunking the misconceptions of Vapor Barriers

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Fallacy #1  "Vapor barriers should be used only in frigid temperatures".  Unfortunately this misleading notion has been embraced by uninformed outdoor "experts".

Truth: Vapor barriers should be worn (or carried) in all seasons whenever one would benefit from holding their body heat close

Fallacy #2  "Vapor barriers are useful only for people on multiple day outings"

Truth: People die of hypothermia on day hikes in all four seasons.  Setting out for a day hike on a warm spring/summer/fall day one needs to be prepared for an unexpected storm, for injury, or for getting lost.  Always pack a ligtweight, long-sleeve base layer and our NTS or Lightning Bug Jacket to protect your core temperature in case of emergency. 

Catarina Cowden, editor of The Active Times, writes in her article Summer Hypothermia "Being prepared and protecting your body in extreme situations is important to every outdoor enthusiast in all seasons of the year.  Remember that even the comfy summer months can be dangerous and know what to expect

Fallacy #3  "Vapor barriers are meant only for active people"

Truth: Holding one's body heat close is equally as beneficial or, perhaps, more so for inactive folks.  Whether sitting in a football stadium, in a cold office, on one's couch or in a wheelchair, our products offer the comfort of warmth.  RBH Designs'  VaprThrm products have brought warm relief to Raynaud's sufferers and cozy comfort to the elderly and infirmed.who suffer from poor circulation year round.

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