About RBH Designs

RBH Designs is a work in progress as the applications for VaprThrm® technology continue to evolve. Since its inception in 1998 the Company has craft produced the warmest mitts, socks and apparel using revolutionary VaprThrm® insulating fabrics. For years mountaineers and explorers have relied on VaprThrm® to stay warm in the harshest environments including Denali, Himalayan peaks, the North Pole and Antarctica.

Closer to sea level it was soon realized that VaprThrm® technology was equally beneficial in the home and the Company began offering blankets and ponchos to provide comforting warmth during colder months. These products allow thermostats to be set substantially lower.

A growing number of customers discovered VaprThrm® technology as part of their solution for conditions such as Raynaud's syndrome. This awareness for medical apps led to the development of VaprThrm® Therapy Wraps designed to provide therapeutic warmth for those suffering from arthritis, muscle aches and sports injuries.

In the realm of huge sportswear companies RBH Designs stands apart as a small, independent Company dedicated to bringing a unique product offering that combines strong technical merit along with creativity.

Please note most of our products are made to order and lead times will vary depending on the product and season.

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