VaprThrm® Mittens and Triggs Gloves

Our VaprThrm® mittens and trigger mitts have been used by mountaineers, explorers and extreme cold-weather athletes since 1998. Word has spread about the warmth of our advanced vapor barrier technology, so our products are becoming increasingly popular with skiers, snowboarders, backpackers, cyclists, snowmobilers, hunters, fishermen, motorcyclists, even people watching their pups frolic at the dog park! Our Vapor Mitts have relieved the pain of Raynaud’s sufferers and people with circulatory problems caused by diabetes or previous frostbite. VaprThrm® is your best protection against cold hands.

We will always have a special fondness for our initial core group of extreme athletes who have proven that our VaprThrm® technology has worked to keep them “toasty” in the harshest environment. We are happy to share with you their “secret of warmth”.

Our handwear is generous in sizing.  Please measure according to our sizing chart prior to ordering. 

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