RBH Dontates Sleeping Bags

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RBH Designs teamed up with South Park Inn www.southparkinn.org to provide sleeping sacks for those with less than adequate shelter this winter.  South Park Inn staff members Christina Inferrera and Richard Lusso assisted in the effort. Approximately 18 bags will be distributed in the Hartford area in the coming weeks. RBH Designs would like to thank Sandra  for volunteering her time to help cut and sew as well as Alchemy Juice Bar  alchemyjuicebar.com  for providing space.

RBH Designs will continue to donate fabrics and garments that are off spec but still very useable. Fabric and garment manufacturers all make mistakes as do people. Making good use of product that would otherwise be destined to the landfill is beneficial on a variety of levels beyond the quest for profit.

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