Backpacker uses Lightning Bug Jacket/Pants in temps as low as 19° and as high as 70°.

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"I use the jacket all day long, but I only sleep in the pants. I just took the suit on a weekender trip with temps 40s-60s°F with a windchill in the high 30s°. I don't think I took the jacket off even once. If I started feeling too warm, I opened the zippers to vent and cooled off but still stayed comfortable. Our shelter didn't protect us well from the wind, so I was glad to have the warmth from the VBL suit at night. It ended up raining on us the last day and I only had a short-sleeved poncho for rain protection, but the jacket was waterproof enough to protect my arms. The suit is very versatile! I can't believe I've comfortably used this suit in temps as low as 19° and as high as 70°." 

Brianna Wright, Ashland,  OR

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