Customer finds VaprThrm lumbar/hip wrap a "treasure"

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"I would like to tell you what a treasure you have in your waist band, I don't know how you technically refer to it - a warming band, a strength belt - a comfort help. Whatever.

I have suffered for over five years following four spinal stenosis operations and one discectomy. Anyone with back discomfort will tell you that your worst hours are those spent in bed trying to get a night's sleep. Anytime you toss or turn you wake and the discomfort is magnified.

My son gave me one of your belts and I started wearing it at night and I immediately enjoyed a full night's sleep with little or no discomfort. Your belt is soft and the thermal warmth that it holds in or provides is just enough to act as a heating pad - you don't actually feel any great warmth or difference, but it is better than a sleeping pill.

You should advertise it in medical magazines or some place where people with bad backs could become aware of it's capabilities. The internet would be a good place.

My only interest is in spreading the word so this magic belt can help others gain the nighttime comfort that I enjoy each night as the comfort level in bed gives one the rest he needs to enjoy the next day".

Thank you so much.

R. E. O'Brien, Sr. 
West Hartford, CT

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