I just could not believe how quickly my hands warmed up

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I bought a pair of your Hybrid Mitts recently and I’ve used them numerous times over the past few months. I planned on using them only while standing around, doing camp chores, hiking when it's "really" cold, and maybe belaying. I have a few pairs of "action gloves" I use for more active times. The first time I used the mittens was while climbing a 14,000' peak in Colorado during one of the coldest days of the year. The wind was screaming and the temps were well below -10F. I began the day hiking in my action gloves, but as the day wore on, my hands just started to freeze. Luckily, I had my RBH mittens in my pack. I took them out of a very cold pack (I had been out for about 6 hours before I put them on), and within five minutes, my hands began to re-warm. I just could not believe how quickly my hands warmed up.

I've used them several times while ice climbing, though not during the actual climbing. Again, I use an "action glove" that gives me more dexterity while I'm climbing so I can do things like place ice screws, and keep my RBH mittens in the bag so I can warm my hands while I'm belaying or waiting for the next pitch. They have been wonderful every time I've used them. I did try climbing an easy mixed pitch with them on, but they were too bulky to climb rock and ice securely. I did use them while climbing a steep snow field, and they are fine for handling a mountaineering axe. One thing I was surprised with was how well I could belay with them. The dexterity isn't optimal but it's not bad for such a warm mitten.

Over the weekend, a friend and I did a technical route up Longs Peak in Colorado. The temps were moderate for winter on a fourteener, but still dropped below zero at night. As is often the case with winter camping, my hands got too cold and I had to stop to re-warm them. I usually have to put them on my belly and wait for a while, essentially doing nothing in the meantime. I decided to try putting my hands in your mittens instead. Several times, I still had to put my hands on my belly to re-warm them but quite often, I was able to get my hands warm again just by putting the mittens on my hands. It allowed me to keep working while my hands re-warmed. By the end of the trip, I just left them on while I was doing camp chores (as much as possible).

One day, my wife forgot her warm mittens, and soaked her action gloves. I gave her my RBH Designs’ mittens and within minutes (after the warming pains went away), those mittens were her new best friend!

Mark Bryan
Denver, CO

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