Raynaud's sufferer finds relief after 29 years!

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Dear Nancy,

As you know, I've had severe Raynaud's syndrome for 29 years.  In that time period, I have struggled to find appropriate gloves and/or mittens to prevent attacks while outside during the cold months.  After all these years, I certainly was skeptical when I contacted you as I had not found anything that worked well enough to prevent attacks.  But I am an eternal optimist and trusted you enough to try your products.  Suffice it to say that I was thrilled when I tried your Hybrid Mitts while out walking my dogs on a 29-degree day and I was able to complete the walk without pain, numbness, or an attack.  I was incredibly impressed by the mittens and my ability to retain warmth.  After buying dozens of gloves by well-known manufacturers (including NorthFace and Marmot), I found a pair of gloves that would allow me to escape being a "shut in" during the winter months.

Raynaud's is a common disorder which affects millions of people.  Some are merely inconvenienced by it, while others are quite limited.  There is a huge market for your products among sufferers if you can get the word out.

I'd like to add that your attention and concern regarding my medical problems was unprecedented.  You were excited by my challenges and determined to find a solution for me.  You guys are the greatest.  I will be forever in your debt. Thanks so much!    

Faith Rubenstein,  
Reston, VA         

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