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For an endurance race like the Iditarod Trail Invitational taking place during winter in Alaska, and considered on of the toughest human-powered races on earth, careful preparation and gear selection are critical, as your survival literally depends on it.  Each piece of equipment must be evaluated for reliability, durability, and adaptability - so when it came to clothing selection, RBH Designs' gear was an obvious choice - proven time and again on the toughest endeavours, in many extreme locations.

Perhaps the hardest challenge with RBH Designs' products is accepting that this gear - looking so different than most cold weather equipment - actually works so well.  For anyone who likes the challenge of the unknown, RBH Designs' gear is indeed a great discovery!  Simple, rugged design, the ingenious VaprThrm® technology fabrics, and reliability - were all highly valued in the race.

RBH Designs' gear is indeed worth its weight in cold!

The NTS shirt, socks, and mask I used in the race worked superbly in temperatures ranging from plus 10 to minus 48F!  Easy heat and moisture regulation through ventilation zips made the NTS shirt the item of choice throughout the ride for a number of 'in-the-know' competitors!  The socks and mask offered excellent cold weather protection, and the cleverly designed mask 'pull-off flap' made mid-ride eating and drinking very easy (quite a bonus in a 24/7 race) without removal of the mask itself - thus maintaining face protection at all times.

Overall, RBH Designs' 'bomb-proof' products proved to be completely reliable pieces of gear - which I have come to rely on in critical locations and would have absolutely no hesitation to recommend.

Yair Kellner
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