VaprThrm® Goes to Washington

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The RBH Designs' Poncho is the most amazing thing in the world!! As someone who is constantly cold, and notorious for turning on the heat in the summer, I consider myself a true test for all things said "to keep you warm". So, after spending hours upon hours in D.C. walking, standing, and waiting for the inauguration of our 44th President, in temperatures so cold I was afraid to take my gloves off, I can say, "The RBH Designs Poncho passed my test with flying colors!!" The Poncho was so incredibly warm I had to remove a few layers underneath. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPEND TO ME!! I am still amazed. It's not heavy, it's not bulky, but it definitely does the job! I am officially giving this Poncho my stamp of approval and two thumbs up! 
                                                                        Chasity Nicole Levine - Hartford, CT

 Hi, I want to thank you for customizing a pair of large vapor mitts for me. i've used them for skiing in frigid temps and never got cold. In fact I usually end up taking them off on the gondola to cool off my hands. Most recently I went to the inauguration of President Obama in Washington DC. The weather was pretty cold and me, and 1.8 million of my closest friends, couldn't move much on the mall to stay warm. After arriving early to get a good spot, we ended up standing or sitting for 5 hours in the 30-35 degree cold and breezy day.  My hands did not get cold (even though they tend to get that way) and I ended up giving away all of the chemical hand warmers I brought with me, just in case. The freezing college students that we were near were very grateful for the warmth, and without the Vapor Mitts my good deed would not have been  possible.  Thanks again.                                           Andy King - Ann Arbor, Michigan

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