Winter motorcyclists finds relief from freezing fingers

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In an effort to economize in the face of soaring fuel costs, I sold my car and purchased a motorcycle about a year ago. The rigors of winter riding became apparent at once and I found myself flirting with frostbite on a daily basis. The pain of freezing fingers was nearly unbearable and the degradation in finger dexterity proved to be highly detrimental where my ability to control the bike was concerned. In the months that followed I became a very bitter victim of advertising hype as I spent more than $300 on gloves and mittens that were geared towards winter motorcycle riding in "extreme" cold. I was horribly disappointed with each purchase.

In a fit of frustration I finally decided to see what it was that people wore on their hands when they summitted Everest or ventured into the Antarctic. What I discovered was RBH Designs and what they introduced me to is a pair of Vapor Triggs and, consequently, a pair of very toasty hands--even in the coldest riding conditions of the year. The Triggs are perfect for the cyclist. The free index finger facilitates an effortless snag-free transition of the fingers from handle grips to control levers, and the Pittards leather on the palms provides superior grip. The quality of their consturction speaks for itself; these mittens can take the wear and tear of daily use. I can't adequately express my gratitude to RBH Designs-but "Thank  you!".

Joshua Hewlett 

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