Frequency Jacket



The RBH Designs Frequency Jacket is constructed from silver treated nylon fabric. This silky ripstop fabric helps block radio frequency waves that are emitted from such devices as cellular and wireless technologies.

  • Silver ripstop nylon is designed to block frequencies ranging from approximately 500mHz to 18gHz which reside in the radio frequency range (RF). Note this product will not block lower frequencies such as ELF's generated by 50/60Hz power supply and equipment.
  • Silver ripstop-nylon fabric is: non-toxic, has naturally antimicrobial properties and withstands repeated washings
  • Internal silver pockets shield cell phone emissions
  • Made to order - craft produced in USA, featuring topstitched construction
  • Integral hood is effective for reflecting radio frequencies during cell phone use.
  • Lightweight / breathable construction combined with conductive fibers provides increased comfort across a wide temperature range

Disclaimer: RBH Designs is not diagnosing any illness or  disease nor is this product being promoted to cure any illness or disease. The fabrics have been certified to be highly effective in shielding RF range of electromagnetic fields. It is the users responsibility to understand the frequency type (ELF vs. RF) as well as the power of the signals that they are being exposed to.  

Sizing Chart

Apparel Sizing Chart, see details below
Neck 14-14.5 15-15.5 15.5-16 16.5-17 17-17.5 17.5-18
Chest 34-35 36-38 39-41 42-45 46-48 49-51
Waist 28 29-30 31-33 34-36 38 40-42
Sleeve 31-32 32.5-33.5 34-35 35-36 36-37 37-38
Inseam 30-31 30-31 32-33 32-33 32-33 32-33
WOMENS 4--6 8--10 12--14 14--16 xx xx
Find your apparel size using this chart. If you take measurements in centimeters, be sure to convert them to inches. 2.54 centimeters = 1 inch).

Measurements refer to body size, not garment dimensions. All Measurements should be taken under, not over, clothes.
Neck Measure around your neck from the base
Chest With your arms at your sides, measure around the fullest part of your chest.
Waist Measure around the narrowest part of your waist, generally around the belly button area.
Sleeve With your elbow slightly bent, measure from prominent vertebra at base of your neck, over your elbow, and down to your wrist.
Inseam Using pants that fit you well, measure from the top of an inner pant leg seam down to the bottom of the leg.

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