Altitude VaprThrm® Mitt Liner



Worn inside RBH Designs' shells, our acclaimed Altitude Liner provides you the warmest mitts on the planet. Designed for extraordinary warmth, under the most severe conditions, one reviewer called them "portable ovens for your paws".

Constructed from a double layer of Polarguard 3D VaprThrm® this bulky mitt liner is the warmest we make. The Altitude VaprThrm® liner features full box construction with anatomic curve for increased warmth and comfort. Please note: Our Vapor Mitts are sold as a system as it is important the sweat skirt on the liner Velcro to the end of the gauntlet to prevent vapor from contacting the Polarguard insulation. 

Liners can be removed from shell and laundered on gentle cycle using warm water and low dryer heat. 

Product Specs
Recommended For: Extreme cold, High altitude
Materials: 3D Polarguard
Key Features: Double Polarguard insulation
Options: N/A
Colors: Black
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Weight: 4.75 oz (Med)

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