VaprThrm® Hand Muff


VaprThrm Hand Muff - Don't let the cold sideline you. Great for added warmth when standing/sitting around! VaprThrm vapor barrier fabric traps your heat and is impervious to wind. Great for sports spectators, Raynaud's sufferers to use in cold air-conditioned stores, theaters, restaurants, etc. or for anyone who hates having cold hands.

  • VaprThrm 200 construction - provides barrier protection blocking the wind and elements while trapping your heat!
  • Adjustable neck cord
  • Zippered embroidered pocket for keys, cash, charge card, etc
  • Available in small (12" arm circumference x 15" width) , medium (14" arm circumference x 18" width)  and large (16" arm circumference x 21" Width) 

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