I was totally impressed with the shirt. Wow!

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Hi Nancy-

I was totally impressed with the shirt. Wow!!

I wore it against the skin and did not take it off for the entire 7 day trip in the Alaska range in mid-March (including sleeping at night). I only used two upper body layers the entire week. When moving it was the shirt alone. At a stop, for our training objectives, I added a small puff-ball insulated jacket over the shirt. I had great fun telling the others, as they were getting cool and adding layers (4th and 5th layers), that “Yes, I agree it is cold…I think I will add a second layer.”

They were dumbfounded that I was standing around in sub-zero temps with one layer on. Very impressive.

The Trigg Mitts were almost obnoxiously warm. I really could not wear them while moving. Too warm. I suspect they will prove to be good summit gloves for high altitude.

I leave again for Alaska in two weeks. It probably won’t be cold enough to use the shirt as much as I did in March. We’ll see.

Take care,

Mike Gibbs
Rigging for Rescue, Ouray, CO

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