RBH gloves are far superior to other, non vapor barrier, gloves and mitts

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I just got back from Rainier and used your Vapor Trigg mitts on a week-long training expedition for our upcoming expedition to Aconcagua.

I can't believe how well these worked. It was the first time my hands stayed warm. I've had so many problems keeping my hands warm. Obviously there is something very different about the way these work. At one point, while shooting photos during crevasse rescue training, my hands actually became so warm I could work with my bare hands for quite a while.

Before the Vapor Triggs my hands got so cold at one point it was nearly unbearable. I thought I was going to loose skin at best, fingers at worst.

The vapor barrier concept really works-it is a vast improvement over conventional gloves or mitts. Vapor Triggs are easier to keep dry and are substantially less bulky than over-stuffed "expedition" gloves and mittens. The closest thing to Vapor Triggs, in terms of function, reliability and warmth, is a distant second. For a person in the high mountains who has trouble keeping their hands warm, RBH gloves are survival/safety equipment. RBH gloves are far superior to other, non-vapor barrier gloves and mitts.

I can't tell you how satisfied I am. These mitts enhance my enjoyment of climbing a great deal. Before I found these I thought my problems keeping my hands warm would prevent me from trying anything really high. Next year these are going with me to Aconcagua and then, I guess the sky's the limit.

Thank you very much, I am so pleased.

Tom Demerly
Michigan, USA

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