Relief found with VaprThrm Lumbar/Hip Wrap

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My daughter wore the hip wrap while she was in England for three weeks this winter. As you see in the attached photo, she wore it over her leggings, and it kept her stylish, warm and comfortable in the damp and chilly British temperatures.

She has appreciated the hip wrap so much that she has also gone back to your site to look for possible wraps to deal with other aches and pains. She has also recommended your site to friends with physical ailments. While she has been focusing mainly on her hips at the current time, there may be additional purchases in her future.

While struggling to deal with her hip dysplasia, Rachel has been working with a physical therapist. He has been so impressed with the hip wrap that he has been recommending it to other clients. He has also recommended your website to clients with issues other than hip problems. He likes your products because they are different than simple heating pads. They add some warmth because of the layers, but they also add good support because of the construction. It is this additional factor that he really appreciates.

I accidentally stumbled on when I was doing a general search for hip wraps, but it worked out very well for Rachel. And thanks for the wonderful customer service, from start to finish!

 L. Hobbs, Minnesota

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