Shackleton selects RBH Designs #1 Top Ten Things To Take To The South Pole

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No doubt you will have mulled at length over what ten things are indispensable for an expedition to the South Pole. If for any reason you haven't, here are our suggestions.

  1. RBH Designs insulated socks and mitts

We will encounter three main dangers on the expedition: hypothermia, crevasses and frostbite. Anything that lessens these dangers is a godsend.

RBH Designs is a small, family-run business in Connecticut which designs some amazing cold weather gear. The key to their designs is the use of their patented 'vaprthrm' technology. This is essentially a stretchy vapour barrier liner which is lined with a comfortable, wicking lining. It serves two functions. It minimises evaporative heat loss (i.e. heat loss caused by cooling when we sweat) and it stops the layers of insulation outside the vapour barrier being degraded by sweat.

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